"Jake’s lyrics always set a mood so well, and the vocal hooks will be stuck in your head for days. I knew Jake Dunn and The Blackbirds were great live, and I’m happy to say that “The Darkness Creeping In” displays their studio talent so well."


"Many of the tracks are slow rollers which build around great songwriting and excellent musicianship, all using different lenses to focus on characters that you'd see on the streets of any small town in working-class America"

-Chad Cochran (Hold The Note)

"The band has an extensive catalog of songs, so their set is never the same, and features a new original song at nearly every show."


Jake Dunn & The Blackbirds debut EP is warm, heartfelt, and oozes of homegrown Ohio alt country rock & roll meant for late night whiskey sing-a-longs and long highway drives. “

”The songs are genuine, they rock and are delicate at the same time. Lonesome and reflective like Ryan Adam’s Heartbreaker, Jake Dunn & The Blackbirds are a def. a band to watch this year. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!
— Angela Perley (Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons)